Saturday, April 10, 2010

I didn't give an old lady my seat on the train a few weeks ago. I asked a guy who obviously whitened his teeth if he would smile at the sidewalk so I could find my contact lens. I was given change for a twenty instead of the ten I gave for coffee and for a moment thought about not saying anything. So, maybe it was fate, karma, or wrong place right time for the mugging to happen. When the guy grabbed my bag (yes, I'm an 80 year old woman) I ran after him. So at least I know my natural reaction is not to scream like a 10 year old girl who saw the Jonas Brothers sex tape, but instead to blindly run in the face of danger. The 8 drinks in me didn't hurt either

Making ends meet is getting harder and harder because there seem to be new ends every day. And how many times must ends meet? It seems like some ends have Alzheimer's and need to meet every month. Doesn't any end know each other anymore? What a world.

I haven't had a phone for 24 hours...I feel naked. That and I have no clothes on...but the people at this Starbucks don't seem to mind...

I'm so glad baseball season is back. Theres a game on every day at almost every time, so theres never a bad reason to be in a bar. Unless that bar is Applebees. Then theres never a good reason for that.

I owe the IRS a tidy sum of money. I guess that's why my initials are in there...

If April Showers really bring May Flowers, then these should be some BIG ASS Flowers coming my way. I'm going to lay down...hopefully to dream of a more innocent 26 hours ago.

"The status quo sucks" - George Carlin

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