Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dream A Nothing Dream

I was checking out of this hotel, and the manager came over as I was trying to hide the 20 packets of hot chocolate I swiped form the breakfast bar and said there was a problem with my bill. That I had walked a tab the night before at the restaurant. I said, Oh no lady, I put cash in the check thingie, I clearly remember doing that. She said the waitress was in tears because I had stiffed her, and I needed to pay right away. I again stated I had paid, and someone from their staff obviously took the money. And to make things worst...I woke up. This was a dream. A boring dream. The one place where anything can happen, and Im dreaming an argument with a La Quinta day manager. Ah, one day!

A friend of mine took off on a cruise ship job for a while, and Im babysitting his CD collection. Over 600 CD's,and a lot from the 80's and 90's. So, maybe my dreams will be flashbacks of great times from high school and my early 20s's...theres REMS Murmur, the album I listened to as I drank my first scotch and hit on my theater teacher at a cast party. Or Welcome to The Beautiful South's songs I would listen to as I drank Mad Dog 20/20 and rolled off of Matt Viberts rooftop. Or The Trash Can Sinatras beautiful haunting tunes that enhanced the weed I would smoke in Denton during my "college years"* . Actually, its a wonder I have any memories at all.

ST Patricks Day is tomorrow...so...this may be my last post...every year for the last 6 years Ive crashed this great party of a hedge fund something or other who has an office right in midtown Manhattan overlooking the parade, with free beer, booze, food, bands, and its packed. I'm sneaking in 7 people. I think we may be a band called...oh lets say...the Shilalies...I'm sure I didn't spell that right...and spellcheck on here says its spelled Chilies....so...maybe we'll go as the baby Back Ribs.

Off to Denver for some shows Thursday. Then Montana. So, note to self, (If I'm reading this...(Id be surprised if anyone does) Bring Xanex. Its in your Hulk Pez Dispenser.

I cant figure out how to program my new clock radio, so Im waiting till midnight to plug it in....

"They said if I burned myself alive, thatd you'd come running back"---Beautiful South

*Moved to Denton with my band....they went to UNT... I was a breakfast manager at a Hawaiian themed diner that served daiquiris at the drive-thru....

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