Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Law and Order SVU script

INT: Law and Order SVU Headquarters. One Police Plaza. The whole squad is watching a group of pictures pinned to a chalkboard. Colored strings are attached...and its, um...say...3:30pm I guess.

Captain: So, we have a three time serial rapist on our hands. He has a fetish for young college girls and he strikes around Gramercy Park.

Detective: Yeah. That bastard. Two blocks from my daughters nannies other family. But that witness in the taxi is long gone

Detective 2: Maybe not. We have camera surveillance from the corner light. theres her licence plate

Detective: Good. But its blurry, getting that number is impossible

Smart Guy: Maybe not. Ive isolated the image using camera enhancement cop stuff we happen to have for stuff like this. There. Clear as day

Detective 2: Maybe not. That could be anyones car.

Detective: No. That's why we pass those out. But it looks like our suspect has no priors.

Counselor: Maybe not. I tried him in Boston once for sexual misconduct. I'd recognize him anywhere. But I have no way of getting his real name.

Ex Wife: Maybe not. I was married to him and I know his real name

Priest: Maybe not. I wasn't certified when I married you two, and the marriage was a sham

Rapist: Maybe not. We got married in a private ceremony two weeks before the real marriage, so I guess its legal.

Lunch Guy:
Who had the Chinese food?

Clerk: Maybe not. Lets have pizza

Thank you

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