Monday, January 4, 2010

I googled myself before googling yourself was cool

Ive done it, you've done it, everyone does it. Google yourself and remember things you probably forgot for a reason. As I was searching the Internet for a job, and by job I mean searching Craigslist for used PS3 games, I thought in between bites of my Reeses Pieces infused granola bar, (my new years more bad foods disguised as healthy foods) that its been a while since Ive googled me, and I was wondering if Ive done anything new lately. My bio for the improv troupe I'm in comes up, plus some random sites Im listed as an employee, and some pictures on Flikr. Scroll down and my IMDB page pops up with my one entry: Narrating a documentary about mold. Then, a Flixster account I apparently have, followed by an ad for a failed show I did with a friend in which we got stinking drunk in front of the audience. Why didn't that work? Then, a Rory sighting at a party back in 2006 for Pepsi Jazz. The days when I was a socialite. Day...And then more randomness: a sketch troupe I'm no longer in, a comic book writing contest list of runner up names, (I was in it...Helios) trying to get me to find my missing friends from high school, and then... a video that may or not be me as I would have been loaded if I was in it. A Tiger called Rory singing about how great everything is since Rory's here. Awesome! Stage time is stage time I guess. ( I also discovered I'm a goldsmith.(Scholl is a highly valued master goldsmith. Mr. Scholl emigrated to Italy from the United States in 1977 and opened his first studio in 1979.) SO, Ive done a lot more with my time then I thought.

Where was I? Oh yes...ps3 games. If you have any you want to trade, let me know.

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  1. I love crappy food disguised as healthy. When I google me, I find that facebook is the most interesting thing, oh and I am apparently $12.99 a pound.