Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clap your hands

I realized if you brush your teeth to the syllables of "If you're happy and you know it" 15 times, you will have brushed your teeth 2 minutes, and 30 seconds, so don't thunk I didn't learn anything today. And yes, I meant to write thunk.

I oft-times give money to street musicians or subway singers,not because I'm nice, but more because I want them to tip me in a year when I'm playing Pachelbel's Canon on a nose harp at the Queensbourough Plaza and wearing a jacket I found. Actually, technically, I do wear a jacket that was found, but I didn't find it. Pete did. Gave it to me. So, that's a gift not garbage right?

Anywho, on the D train tonight, there was a guy that looked a lot like Bilbo Baggins dressed as Mozart. A stocky grey haired , long finger nailed guy playing the clarinet. And quite well actually for a Hobbit maestro. And I wanted to give him a buck. But I don't like people seeing me do it. Because usually people look at someone when they do that with anxiety.,like, "I'm not gonna tip...damn, do I tip now? " So I was already anxious about that, cause a lady saw me go for my wallet. Then the anxiety built more. And as he approached, I reached out to give him the grand prize of one dollar, I saw he was blind. This increased the anxiety, and instead of putting it in his hat, I shoved it in his fist and yelled "Here. It is one dollar" way too loud hitting each syllable really hard. ONE DOLL ER. I think I frightened him.

SO that happened.

There is either a cat in heat, a car alarm, or dolphin porn outside my window right now. Again.

The Superbowl is the Saints and Colts. Just like the Bible predicted.

I cant sync up my bicycle kicks. I can play guitar, but cant figure out left arm, right foot....

I thought had more blog. But I'm tired. Don't give me that look. Ill have good stories when I get back from Washington this weekend. Pittsburgh was great if you like bridges, and you like jumping off of them.

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